The Changing World of Employee Management Systems

Running a company in 2017 is drastically different from what it used to be, a few short years back. While many things have stayed the same on the operational side of things, the methods of performing said operations, and the management systems within the company, have undergone a massive shift.

Cloud-Based Systems: The Major Disruption

Perhaps the biggest disruptive force that we have seen in the business world is the cloud-based system and the cloud itself. This is because the cloud has the potential to not only be a transformative force, but one that revolutionizes the way data and people are managed.

At the moment, the latter is already being done, either remotely or through advanced quantifying software.

How the Cloud is Changing Employee Management

Employee management is perhaps the most hands-on aspect of conducting business and producing whatever it is you produce. This is because unless a company has an array of robots who perform each task fully and completely, the presence of employees is a given.

At some point across the supply chain, or even at every step and at every link, there is bound to be a human employee supervising something or overseeing some aspect of the business. Managing this number of employees can become problematic sometimes, and the cloud based systems can be quite the relief for companies in which employee management is the cause of failures or pauses along the supply chain.

An Efficient, Cloud-Based Employee Management System

Having an in-house system that can monitor all the sections of the production process allows the supervisor or the CEO unprecedented access to the nuances of the production line, so to speak. This then permits all those in charge of the supply chain to perform at their best, as they too are likely to be in better control of their immediate duties than ever before. However, the benefits of advanced employee management systems are not just limited to supervising the teams. Training sessions can be held remotely, events can be better coordinated, policies can be affirmed in a much better manner and collaboration between employees can be increased with online group discussions and sharing of ideas.

Employee Management Software and Applications

The situation is considerably improved with the advent of employee management apps which are based around the concept of employee management and collaboration. Following are some of those apps and software.

  • Scoro: A task management software that eases several paperwork-related processes such as billing, support, sales and project management. Teamwork and collaboration is a major part of this software as well.

  • Pukkateam: Pukkateam is a virtual meeting place, an online water cooler of sorts. This is a safe space for the employees to talk, discuss ideas and even brainstorm, without having to move out of their chairs. This is a major bridge software, as it allows otherwise distantly located employees to get close.

  • Slack: Think of the aforementioned online water cooler, combined with the cross-platform usability of various other collaboration systems, all rolled into one. Slack allows employees to not only discuss, but to sync all of their communication channels with the one platform.

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