6 Marketing Habits to Boost your Brand Image

Marketing has always been important in order to create brand awareness and brand recognition but it has gained even more significance in the digital landscape today.

Millennials and the following generations that make up most part of the target market and potential customers are believed to have an attention span of less than 8 seconds, which is even shorter than that of a goldfish. That coupled with loads of information that can be accessed through internet and hundreds of options at customers' disposal has made it really difficult for businesses to strive.

It has become increasingly difficult for the business to engage their potential customers because of the very reasons mentioned above.

Here are a couple of marketing tips that you can follow to give your brand and business a boost.

1. Actively maintain a social media presence

Virtual world is a reality of today's business landscape. In order to dominate the niche businesses should focus on maintaining an active social media presence. Social media is a great way to connect with the potential consumers.

Maintain a blog, a photo journal or market your brand through any other creative strategy. There is a high probability of you losing your customers to your competitors if you are adamant about operating your business old school way.

2. Respond to your customers

People seek for instant things. Internet has inculcated this habit of sending and receiving instantaneous responses in us. For better or for worse, but this is the reality of today's world.

In this overly competitive world many business are selling same products but customer service is what distinguishes each brand from one another. Substitutes for products can be found therefore make it harder for people to find a substitute for your customer service.

3. Create an email subscription list

A clientele is the most important asset a business owns. Most small-scale businesses make the mistake of not saving the information of their customers and subscribers on social media platform. They assume that having a following on a social media platform is sufficient.

However, it is not therefore create an email subscription list. Besides securing information it is also a great tool for marketing.

4. Give your brand a personality

People prefer to buy from brands that they can relate to. Therefore make your brand relatable. Give it a personality to better attract your target audience. An effective way to give your brand a personality is by taking help of social media influencers.

5. Understand the digital platform you are working on

It is absolutely important to be familiarized with the dynamics of the social media platform you are working on. Understand the SEO requirements, algorithm structure, ranking placement structure and other features of the platform you are using to market your brand.

6. Create a personalized campaign

Story telling goes a long way and is probably the most effective method of capturing your audience attention. Create a marketing strategy that is creative and compelling. It should tell a story about your brand. Make it relevant and relatable to your target market.

April Salsbury, MBA is a strategist, an analyst, an operational guru, a recognized leader and C-suite global healthcare executive with drive and focus for competitive markets. Co-host of The Business Forum Show and regular contributor to various business journals, she possess multi-functional and multi-national competencies with more than 15 years experience in business and healthcare. Her expertise is in invigorating revenue growth and infusing value of lean practices in growing companies through improvements to cash flow and operations management.

Fueling revenue, growth and profit, Salsbury & Co. is a consultancy firm focused on helping businesses and healthcare organizations achieve excellency. Our specialists have executive experience combined with deep functional expertise to provide our clients with services that drive real impact and results.

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