GROW Women Business Owner

Peer Advisory Group

Women Business Owners

Be part of an environment where you can learn, find and give support, solve problems and achieve goals among women who face similar challenges in business.  Focus on leadership, strategy, accountability, idea sharing and tough love will help you effectively manage challenges and set specific objectives.


This is not cheer camp.  This is an environment of innovation and positive reinforcement that will promote meaningful and lasting change for your life and your business.


GROW members come together as equals with the shared goals of professional and organizational improvement and setting a course for the future.  The open dialogue in GROW meetings create an environment of trust.  Members feel comfortable addressing larger issues that go beyond their personal agenda.


Meetings adhere to strict agendas for the benefit of the group while providing opportunities for a mixture of round-table style discussion and third party education on topics of importance to the group.  Your time is valuable, that is why we keep our meetings to two hours and never assign homework.


Member Qualifications:

  • Confidentiality agreements are required for each member.

  • Retain Owner, Founder, Managing Shareholder, CEO, Executive Director Title.

  • More than 1 year in business.

  • Annual revenue less than $2 Million. 

  • Exclusivity to industry or niche, member permission may be required.

  • Attend a minimum of 8 meetings each year.


Prospective members are interviewed to ensure they meet these qualifications and share GROW's mission.


Membership limited to 16 women business owners.


Meetings are expected to occur the 3rd Thursday of each month from 11:00am to 1:00pm with a light lunch provided. 


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GROW Membership fees are $900.00 annually plus a one-time $75 registration fee.  




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